We are your
dedicated presentation designers

We love what we do and we want to help
you market what you love.

We’re building a team of unique experts that are connected through a single vision of making it easy for people to present beautiful¬†presentations easily every time. Our theory is simple, if we manage to remove the stress of designing a PowerPoint or Keynote slideshow we believe you will perform better in your delivery of the content.

Beyond Slides have built out a range of services that cater for the immediate and on demand needs for designing presentations. Our specialty is developing longterm relationships with our clients. We offer highly personalised “Do-it-for-me” and “concierge” style presentation design services. We also provide an extended range or design and corporate communications design related services.

If you’re unsure of what you need or just want to discuss a challenge you – drop us a line.


Nathaniel Parry-Selmes
Founder & Presentation Designer
Beyond Slides


How we create success for you.


Our head evil genius creative and mark-a-teer use their prestigious MBA qualifications mixed with their uber grey matter blenders to get to the core of your needs and what was the best way access highway to growth.


Our design philosophy is simple, we work to understand you and your business, your audience and market. We work tirelessly to design your visual products with you to ensure you have the best communication experience to your target audience.


Beyond Slides Creative work to ensure you get what you need and when you need it most. Our service doesn’t stop their, we continue work with you and measure the effectiveness of the campaign making the minor adjustments where required to improve the outcome.