Creative businesses live with a tension between being reliable and taking risk

Creative businesses live with a tension between being reliable and taking risk

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This article was inspired by Gimlet Media, a podcast creation agency. I immediately felt compelled to ask myself “What can we learn about alternative industries and their creative courage?”

Their concept of living between reliability and tension was inspired by Gimlet Media. Their beautifully written Media post was an amazing account of them pushing their team into new territory and uncomfortable zones. They bravely closed the doors of Gimlet media for a week, restructured teams and shook up the environment to test out new products and to see if there are new creative boundaries that could be pushed, found and broken past to ultimately deliver a constantly amazing and new product to the core audiences.

This got us thinking at Beyond Slides – what is the context of creativity in corporate world and how does it create that tension between the need for balance to express oneself with the alignment of brand guidelines and expectation management.

Move beyond bad tension

Many corporate events require people to brave the critique of peers, employees and employers when they stand up in front of a crowd to inspire, educate or convey news that may not be well received. They have a choice of getting the job done, by controlling all of the process or they can leverage their time and skills by reaching outside for professional help.

If you’re presenting at a big event don’t waste your time micro managing the presentation process, get your staff or assistants to bring in professionals for you. In a previous article we mentioned why Presentation Design Matters, I outline why we believe you should stop risking your ability to engage and be confident whilst on stage.

Our business is designing your presentations and supporting your journey, your business is to engage, inform and inspire your existing circle of clients, team members and also build a new generation of clients.

Using the creative tension: Reliable Vs. Taking Risk

It is a hard road to leave the tension behind and live a life of zen, we strongly believe that people can use the tension to create greater impact. The tension and friction that comes from teams , clients and creatives if managed correctly can all move toward creating a superior and more engaging product.

In the realm of presentation design the balance between less content on the slides and more pictures is a fine balance for the individual presenter. Not every one is confident to deliver a TEDx styled talk, nor are all audiences prepared to receive such talks. There is much to be gained by understanding the context of the presentation – who it is for, what is expected at the end of it, why is it you and how are you to deliver the information?

The Beyond Slides are professional presentation designers and have see many variations of design and presentation modalities. To break through and use the creative tension email us today to set up an interview to see how we can help you.

Be sure to see our other articles and the journey we’re taking to making your presentation designs better.

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