Design matters for presentations

Why design matters for presentations

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Presentations are the most powerful and prolific method of communicating en masse. Whether your aim is to sell, inspire or educate from a stage, remotely or through a user driven kiosk outlet your audience is thirsty for well-designed products and information. Without good presentation design your message may as well fall on deaf ears.

your audience is thirsty for well-designed products and information

The proliferation of technology has given people access to unprecedented opportunity and the ability to do things themselves that was previously unattainable without big budgets. The Software-As-A-Service (SASS) business model today has provided accessibility to high end design and media production software to individuals globally at a drastically reduced fraction of the previous costs.

These weapons of mass creation have freed people everywhere to exercise their creativity and desire to create and consume beautiful information and exquisitely designed visual narratives, however, there is a but…

Just because you have access to the software and are able to create designs and graphics doesn’t mean you should.

Technology is giving people greater power and capability without bestowing competence or ability. Just because you have access to the software and are able to create designs and graphics doesn’t mean you should.  Majority of people are making horrendous visual mistakes and abhorrent presentations because they’re not aware that professional presentation designers exist or they don’t value a designer’s contribution because anyone with a PC can use PowerPoint thus doesn’t warrant substantial investment.

I want to help those people who didn’t know presentation designers existed and can benefit from a professionals touch on their next investor presentation, I want to be able to open your mind to endless opportunity to find a designer to help you excel and leverage your time. If you don’t see any value in a presentation designer – stop reading your wasting your time here. You’ll find your needs fulfilled at

Invest in your presentation to increase chances of success

I’d be happy to bet most presentations are intensely exhausting to teams with high stakes and millions of dollars of investment pending on your ability to sell your message or the tender proposal for he government contract your company are providing to prove you’re more than capable to deliver.

Presentations can be an intimate connection in a boardroom or the public display confidence and authority. You need to surround yourself with the right tools and professionals for success.

Focus on what is best for your audience, which are your “future” clients

By investing in a creative professional or team to build your slide deck you are removing your personal creative bias and focusing on what is best for your audience, which are your “future” clients. You are able to focus on the content and delivery of the presentation which will build your confidence on stage and increase your relevance to your audience.

Avoiding the cliché presentation design fails

PowerPoint and other presentation software have bad reputations for boring the audience to death, escape this cliché by investing in professionals to help you look better than your colleagues and competitors. You deserve to be recognised for the content of the presentation not how bad your presentation looks.

You deserve to be recognised for the content of the presentation not how bad your presentation looks

With a professional design team, you will be able to save your audience from the dreaded “death-by-PowerPoint”, Prezi’s motion sickness or the overuse of sparkle transitions in Keynote. You owe it to your audience to seek out professional designers and test their abilities on your next presentation.

What to do now?

Go and google “presentation designers” or “presentation design”. You will find hundreds of freelancers and agencies willing to you help you get the most out of your presentation and improve your presentation. You’ll find hundreds of cheap services and free templates, remember presentation design is a service and your want to invest time in finding the right team that is the right fit for you.

You can save Google that search time and simply get in contact with me and my team at to help your next presentation or at least to help you find a professional presentation designer that is the right fit for your needs. We’re more than happy to help or introduce you to other professionals or to start collaborative service relationship with you.

Because friends don’t friends use PowerPoint…

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