Find out what to ask a presentation designer

Questions you should ask of your presentation designer

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Once you find a presentation designer you need to know how to decide whether they are the right fit for you or not. You need to know the type of project you are embarking on and what kind of design support you need. Whether this is through a design agency, an events production company, a freelance talent that you have been referred or a talent hired through recruitment company.

What was your last presentation design job?

Designers that are good, are usually booked out and that is a fair indication that they have some credibility. By knowing their last client or presentation project it’s reasonable for you expect some visual proof – via case study or portfolio.

What is your usual style?

This is a good question to understand what they normally do, some keywords being formatting or premium design will indicate levels of creativity and time they take. Remember quality is always in the eye of the beholder so make a note to see the range of their work rather than just one or two pieces

What are you able to do?

Some designers are only able to work to strict guides, they are more than technically gifted and can operate PowerPoint like no on else can, but they may not have the creative genius to understand your brief or are able to translate your vision on to a white slide. This is ok, you just have to provide sample design work and possibly have more regular check ups and Work-in-progress (WIP) meetings

What is your fee schedule (hourly / project based)?

You need to understand what you’re budgeting for. The better designers are worth the increased premium and you can expect more for such an increased budget. Also understand the cost differences between the different channels to supplier. A design agency has greater overheads and will charge more to cover their costs, they may however have better leverage over scalability and are able to turnaround sooner.

The freelancer may charge less, can work obscure hours but may not have the leverage of a creative director and support network to help when the heat is turned on. The talent recruitment agencies – may provide you with talent at short notice, but you’ll be paying a larger fee and may not get the best of anything. (note: I have a great distrust and bias toward talent agencies. I’ve never received a good presentation designer through a talent sourcing agency and refuse to use them ever. You may have trusted suppliers and working relationships – make sure you have a refund policy agreed upon.)

How long will it take?

Not all designers are equal, this statement is the truth in all disciplines or work and creative agencies. When you provide a slide deck to a designer, you can not expect that they will have turned around an 60 slide presentation in an hour. The quality math doesn’t add up – you’re expecting the designer to create 60 brilliant slides at a rate of 1 slide per minute.

On the opposite of the equation, it’s a bit excess to think that the designer will need greatr than an two hours or more per slide. You should ask for an estimate based on your finished or nearly finished content. Each individual designer will appreciate the content, their skill level and know how to leverage previous designs to make time up.

What hours can you work?

Presentations can be exhaustive work and require around the clock support. You can find a project manager that can manage this process, a design agency or super freelancers who love the challenge of highly pressured design jobs. Just remember increased time and strange working hours can increase the cost – so factor that into your budget and make sure you have a overflow buffer.

Do you do re-work / amends?

Don’t forget to negotiate amends and work a rounds for content change, last minute requests and difficult end clients – which maybe you.

Some designs need to be changed because the content was not finalised or something changed last minute.

What next?

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